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What is a Chamber?
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A stand alone chamber-means not connected to any city chamber, making this a very powerful organization that can help you with making very important decisions for your business platform, the leadership has over 40+ years of experience in business ownership.

Chambers of commerces are business and community associations, generally incorporated as a 501(c)(6) Trad Organization. Chambers of Commerce's are not part of local, state, or federal government, though Chambers do often partner with government to accomplish the Chamber mission.

Chambers of Commerce are funded by membership dues as well as non-dues items such as events, sponsorships, contracts, and sales of various products and services. The vast majority of Chamber membership rolls are small businesses - businesses with fewer than 10 to 35 employees, on average.

Today's Chamber of Commerce, rather than being narrowly focused on one particular industry, issue, cause, or activity, focuses on a broad range of activities and support for both businesses and communities and the women's chamber is a diverse women's organization to focus on the needs and rights of all women.

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